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Kyoto University of the Arts,
Correspondence Education, Illustration Course

Learn the essence of illustration from full online world leading curriculum, collaborated with Pixiv.

*Current course education is available only in Japanese language.


(BA as four-year
in Japan)


Learn original educational contents from active illustrator

Original video educational materials made in collaboration with pixiv Inc., the illustration communication service operator.

  • Active illustrator teaches current knowledge and techniques
  • All learning can be done online.
    You can take incandescent online lectures anywhere.
  • Achieve interactive and exciting learning with empahtic correction guidance

Obtain four-year university's bachelor's degree

The Correspondence Education Department of Kyoto University of the Arts is a regular four-year university approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
Upon graduation, a bachelor's degree (arts) will be awarded.

  • No commuting required, complete online education from admission to graduation.
  • A person aged 18 years or older and has university admission qualifications can enroll.
  • In case you are eligible for a third year transfer by admission qualification, you may spend minimum 2 years to graduate.

(BA as four-year
in Japan)

Systematic learning will help you become an illustrator

Not only techniques such as character design, background painting, and deformed expressions, but also art anatomy, industry knowledge, career development, etc. are comprehensively and systematically studied, and growth to become an illustrator who can respond to the rapidly changing modern society will be supported.

  • Assist creative activities by using Internet.
  • Nurture an illustrator who captures trends of the time.
  • Help inexperienced learners with a efffective curriculum and supporting system.

Reduce financial burden and achieve ease of learning at the same time.

Annual tuition fee is 323,000 yen. Taking advantage of the efficiency of the complete online course (Tenohira Geidai), tuition fees are significantly reasonable compared to on-campus learning universities and vocational schools.

  • * Only in the first year, "Admission fee 30,000 yen + admission selection fee 20,000 yen + Student education and research accident insurance fee 140 yen" is required separately. (Only applied to General Admission Students)
  • * A computer, tablet, and various applications are required for learning. Need to prepare by your own.
  • *University is applicable to the "new system for study support in higher education". (For Japan domestic.)

"pixiv Premium" is available for free!
Students enrolled in the illustration course can use pixiv's paid services, which usually start from 550 yen per month, and receive various benefits for free. It is also useful for learning illustration, such as by referring to the drawing course "sensei" and by looking at popular works by genre to understand trends.
Click here for details on "pixiv Premium"


Famous creators gather! Lecturer introduction

  • Americart


    Illustrator. After working as a designer in the avatar game industry, he became independent as a freelancer.He draws characters and landscapes with a familiar picture book touch. His masterpieces include "Dragon Quest Builders 2 Destruction God Sido and Empty Island" in-game illustrations, "MOTHER" official tribute comic "Pollyanna" cover design, and "FINAL FANTASY XIV" special jacket "Freestyle Art". He published "How to Draw" No Main Line "Illustration" from Shoeisha.

  • Kota KATO


    Art anatomist, medical illustrator, graphic designer. He is a Ph.D. (art, medicine). A drawing instructor and one of the few art anatomy teachers who has experience in human anatomy.While teaching art anatomy and human body drawing to artists, illustrators, cartoonists, 3DCG creators, prototype masters, etc., he also works on illustrations and graphic design such as anatomical drawings. He teaches historical studies of art anatomy, anatomy and art anatomy classes, and human anatomy training at art colleges and medical colleges. He is active as an "Izu art anatomist" on Twitter. He aims to popularize high-quality art anatomy education through the translation and writing of art anatomy books.

  • YOSHIDA seiji


    Background graphic artist and illustrator. After working as a graphic artist for a PC game maker, he is currently active as a freelancer.
    As a background graphic artist, he has participated in numerous games such as "Wonderful Everyday-Discontinuous Existence-" and "Theological School -Noli me tangere-", and in recent years has been attracting attention as an illustrator for "Beautiful Scene Illustration". His recent book is "The House of Stories-Seiji Yoshida Art Setting Collection-".

  • Mai Yoneyama


    Animator and illustrator. She worked as an illustrator after working for the animation production company GAINAX and Trigger. In addition to working on illustrations for "Racing Miku 2016" and the Evangelion apparel brand "RADIO EVA", she also participates in animation work such as "Kill la Kill", "Kiznaiver", "Promare" and "Darling in the Franxx". In 2019, she will hold her first solo exhibition "SHE". She belongs to the concept studio SSS by applibot.

  • PALOW.


    Character designer. He started working as a freelancer in 2012.
    In 2013, he released one of his masterpieces, "Insect Mecha Musume". In 2016, "Insect Mecha Musume" was appointed as a TV commercial for HAL, a vocational school, and attracted attention. In 2017, he was the costume and artwork of "Oxygen-deficient girl Sayuri" and the character design of the 3D animation "Soutai Sekai". Work on the design. Worked on character design for "KAF" and "Rim" the following year. Currently, he is mainly active in planning and design, mainly in the game, animation, and music industries.

  • refeia


    Illustrator. He is a master of engineering. After working as a software engineer in the automobile industry, he became independent as a freelance illustrator from 2006.
    Representative works include character designs such as the "Moe Illustration Textbook" series, the art collection "q-o", the Bandai Namco Entertainment "Weiss Schwarz Portable" and the Square Enix "Million Arthur" series, MF Bunko J "Run, Shoot!", GA Bunko. Illustrations such as "The Forbidden Curse of the Holy Swordsman < World Break >".

  • Irareshokunin Coro


    Tutorial writer. A tutorial writer specializing in Adobe Illustrator. He has posted a tutorial video "Today's Illustrator" on Twitter and YouTube.

  • Yui Kurita


    Storyboard artist. He entered the graduate school of AAU, an art university in San Francisco in 2012.
    He started his career as a storyboard artist at Blizzard Entertainment and has been involved in short films such as "Overwatch". He is currently active in Tonko House.

  • Junpei TATENAKA


    Animator. Started working as an animator at Disney Animation Japan in 1993.
    He has since been freelance after working at Answer Studio. He has participated in various works as an action drawing director, and is a veteran animator who is especially responsible for expressing movement in sports animation.

  • Satoh Fukurow


    Illustrator and cartoonist. Born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in 1982. After working as a member of society from 2001 to 2009, she became independent as an illustrator and manga artist in 2010. She is mainly in charge of marketing and consulting while undertaking contract illustration and manga production work for WEB promotion. She teaches website production and SEO. From 2017, she started disseminating information about drawing on his own blog. She has received a great deal of feedback and is offered lectures by publishers, vocational schools and universities. Currently, she holds workshops and lectures nationwide, focusing on gesture drawing.

  • Le Yamamura


    Creature designer. He designs domestic and international games, books, movies and other creatures. He creates creatures every day with the theme of persuasiveness as a living thing, a balance of interesting colors and shapes.
    He published his work collection "CREATURES" from KADOKAWA.

  • TERADA tera


    Illustrator and cartoonist. She co-authored "Medako-san's Koisuru Invasion Plan" with Vocaloid P. Nayutalien in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. She has worked on many music videos for singer Akari Nanawo and released "Turing Love feat. Sou" in 2020. She also develops many collaborative works such as Shimamura and Village Vanguard.

  • Torako


    Born in 1986. Illustrator and columnist. He currently belongs to Pixiv and produces and manages the illustration education business. His main production achievements include the main visual of the band "Kami-sama, I have noticed", Google + PR illustrations, and the logo design of Animate Co., Ltd. His books include "Net Eshi (BNN Shinsha)" and "Understanding for the first time! The secret to making money with illustrations (KADOKAWA)".

  • toshiaki TAKAYAMA


    Japanese illustrator and character designer. Born in Chiba prefecture. He works on main package illustrations for many card games. His illustrations are very wide, depicting delicate women, muscular men, creatures and mechanics, real monsters, and even cute monsters.

  • NaBaBa


    Illustrator. He focuses on developing home video games. From image boards to art direction, he has been involved in a variety of 2D art work. "Xenoblade 2" (concept art) etc.

  • UEDA hiromasa


    manga artist. A manga explains how to draw his illustrations for beginners. The "Hiromasa Drawing Course Series" released on pixiv has a cumulative total of over 1 million PV. Published "Hiromasa's Drawing Course: How to Draw Faces and How to Draw Body" from Kosaido Publishing. In 2019, he published the third book, "Hiromasa's Drawing Course, How to Draw Hands". He helped launch the drawing learning service "sensei" on Pixiv. He is mainly in charge of the script. Currently, besides a part-time lecturer at a vocational school, he is focusing on correction distribution mainly for beginners' works on YouTube. He is still working on a course for beginners who are worried about drawing.

  • joze SHIMAZAKI


    Illustrator. Born in 1991, lives in Tokyo. After working for 4 years mainly in package design at a design office, he became a freelance illustrator. She is active in various fields, mainly books and advertisements.

  • AKAGI Shun


    Illustrator and cartoonist. After graduating from art school, She is currently active as a freelance illustrator in book design, game illustration, fashion design, etc. In 2020, he released his debut one-shot manga at Jump + and started his career as a manga artist.

  • Silver


    Art director. In 2009, he made debut as an illustrator for cable TV. Since then, he has been active mainly in TCG, smartphone apps, light novels, etc. After that, he joined a game company as an illustrator in 2017. Currently, he is mainly engaged in art direction and management work.

  • shunsuke SATAKE


    Illustrator. He lives in Kobe. He is good at drawing pictures of deformed animals. He publishes picture books at home and abroad. Good Design Award (2014/2017). His books include the collection of works "PRESENT" (Genkosha).

  • NOGISAKA Kushio


    Japanese illustrator and Live2D designer. He mainly works on various illustrations related to games and animation, and some Live2D. He is energetically producing making works by CLIP STUDIO PAINT, such as writing three books related to CLIP STUDIO PAINT independently. Based on his experience of drawing illustrations when he became an adult, he is characterized by concrete and polite explanations of what theory and process should be used.

  • SAITOU Takuya


    Animator. Born in Ibaraki prefecture. He went freelance through Production I.G. We are delivering a simple composition course that you can learn from beginners at Palmy.
    Major business partners are Toei Animation, Studio Ghibli, WIT Studio, Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorido, Science SARU, MORIE.INC, Wandarium, etc. (honorific titles omitted).

  • Kosuke NAGAI


    Lawyer. Born in Hokkaido in 1981. He provides a wide range of advice to people involved in creativity, focusing on the areas where cultural arts such as art, fashion, theater, movies, music, and publishing intersect with the Internet.

  • EGUCHI rika


    Art director. She graduated from Tama Art University Graduate School of Crafts, Department of Glass. While working as an art director,she has presented her works as an artist at home and abroad. His book picture book "Pan no Ousama Series" is on sale from Shogakukan. She is active in various fields such as advertising, art and products.

the challenger's

I want to be an illustrator

"I want to work on my favorite illustrations." "Although I work in the illustration industry, I want to relearn in earnest." By choosing the learning method of distance learning, new challenges are possible regardless of age or place of residence.

I want to advancemy career!

By utilizing the time such as weekday evening and weekends, you can study anywhere. Earning a university graduation qualification will enhance your work opportunity.

I want to deepen what I have learned !

"I want to acquire more illustration skills and knowledge that I learned in high school and vocational school." You can take your learning stage to the next level to deepen your learning and make it your own. Those who have graduated from a vocational school can transfer to the third year.

How to learn

There are two types of learning in the illustration course: web schooling subjects and web text subjects. You will access the website "airU" originally designed for distance learning on your computer or tablet, and this platform enables you to do everything from watching videos, learning on electronic textbooks, submitting reports on assignments, and taking correction guidance.

Web schooling subjects

You will learn with short video materials which are said to have the highest learning effect, and take a multiple choice test which will be conducted for each chapter. It is easy to learn even during commuting time, housework, childcare, etc., and it is easy for people who are not good at reading. So no need to go to campus and no additional fees are required.

Web text subjects

This is a subject that promotes learning based on videos, textbooks, and supplementary materials. Submitted works, reports will be checked and corrected in detail by teaching staffs.

Necessary equipment

  • ■ Computer
  • ■ Pen tablet,
  • ■ Software(Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • ■ Illustration production software(CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO)

Archive delivery

This is a limited archive delivery of the illustration course class experience.

  • Background course for beginners

    "Background course for beginners"
    Teacher in charge : YOSHIDA Seiji / Torako

  • Let's draw whole body!  Fun drawing

    "Let's draw whole body! Fun drawing"
    Teacher in charge: Satoh Fukurow


We plan to update part of illustration courses video materials on a regular basis.
We will keep you posted on the latest information by e-mail newsletter, so register now.

  • Art Anatomy

    "Art Anatomy": Lecturer in charge : Kota KATO

  • Deformed Expression

    "Deformed Expression": Lecturer in charge, Americart

  • Layout / Composition

    "Layout / Composition" : Lecturer in charge, SAITOU Takuya

You can learn anytime, anywhere.


In addition to specialized subjects where you can comprehensively study illustration, we also offer education for "utilizing art in your daily life."
We have set up a group of subjects to acquire basic thinking and expression skills about today's world (General Education Subjects), past and present situations knowledge (Faculty Common Specialized Education Subjects), and ability to formalize one's own discoveries based on basic concepts and methods for creating illustrations. (Course Specialized Education Subjects)

Course Specialized Education Subjects (48 credits)

Text work subjects (TW subjects)

  • Art anatomy
  • Layout ・composition
  • Main visual
  • Career theory
  • Animation
  • Book illustration
  • Concept art
  • Art direction
  • Visual storytelling
  • Game illustration
  • Portfolio

Web Schooling subjects (WS subjects)

  • Person Character Basics ⅠⅡ
  • Illustration training ⅠⅡⅢ
  • Croquis III
  • Color basics
  • Digital Exercise AIII
  • Digital Exercise BⅠⅡ
  • Background picture
  • Character Design
  • Deformed expression
  • Digital coloring
  • Character expression history
  • Industry knowledge and information dissemination
  • Graduation works

Faculty Common Specialized Education Subjects(12 credits or more)

  • Basic modeling exercise
  • Three-dimensional modeling exercise
  • Color expression basics
  • Form expression basics
  • Art history
  • Art history lecture
  • Introduction to Aesthetics
  • Design theory
  • Art theory
  • Intellectual property rights research

General Education Subjects

  • Words and expressions
  • The basis of the essay
  • Foreign language
  • Regional environmental theory
  • Ecology
  • Urban design theory
  • Color and shape
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Japanese history
  • Western history
  • Sketch
  • Cultural studies
  • Learn Kyoto
  • Learn Tohoku
  • Explore the region
  • Japanese culture theory

You can select from a variety of learning depending on your interests

You can acquire a wide range of education

Learning steps

  • Step Acquire basic knowledge and skills of illustration.

    Through tasks such as croquis and drawing, how to draw, composition, etc.
    Learn the composition that is indispensable for illustration. How to use art materials and application software
    Learn while experiencing.

    Person Character Basics I

    Learn how to draw attractive characters through basic drawing explanations.
    The content of the lecture is for beginners, and we will support you to improve steadily through simple practice.

    Color basics

    You will acquire the skills necessary for painting, including basic knowledge such as brightness and saturation, through practice.
    It is sometimes said that "color is a talent", but in this lecture, we will explain according to theory and develop the ability to see and draw.

  • Step Based on the basic skills acquired in the first year,
    experience practical illustrations.

    After understanding the basic culture of illustration, you will learn illustration that lead to professional work.

    Concept art

    Learn how to draw a picture according to one theme or setting. In concept art, not only drawing knowledge but also thinking methods such as how to expand the image are important. We will enhance the expressiveness of your work by understanding it based on the demonstrations in the professional field.

    Background picture

    First of all, I will enjoy drawing the background without using difficult techniques.
    Once you have an image of the drawing, you will gradually adopt the technique and proceed with making a convincing picture.

  • Step Learn elaborated expressions,
    deepen individual skills.

    Learn the basic knowledge of the industry and the knowledge used in the professional field.
    By understanding the business scene, you will acquire the ability to utilize expressions in society.

    Character Design

    We will design your original character based on the basic techniques you have learned so far.
    The content of the lecture is closer to the actual case, such as how to create a concept and how to operate it in the business scene.

    Visual storytelling

    Learn how to tell a story using pictures.
    By knowing the techniques that are now used in many scenes such as the production of blockbuster movies and games, we will enable non-verbal expressions and complete expressions that can be appealed globally.

    Industry knowledge

    Learn about the general illustration industry. There is a lot of information that is indispensable for proceeding with work, such as legal knowledge and how to read contracts that you cannot avoid.

  • Step As a culmination of learning
    work on an illustration expression that shapes your own discoveries.

    Graduation works

    The expressive power of illustration is infinite.
    I will put out everything I have learned so far and send out my work while thinking about the points of contact between society and myself.

Application Flow

  • * Applications can only be made online. When the application period is reached, you will be able to complete the procedure from this page.

How to pay tuition fees

The following payment methods are available.

  • ■ Credit card payment
  • ■ Internet banking
  • ■ Postal transfer
  • ■ Loan use

Admission selection

There is no entrance examination. Based on the application documents, we will only examine the documents to confirm the eligibility for admission.

Click here for details


  • I don't have any experience in the art field.
    will it be hard for me?

    No worries. Curriculum is designed for unexperienced students.
    Most important thing is that you love art and willing to learn.

  • Is it true that I don’t have to attend any classes physically at campus?

    True. You learn everything online from enrollment to graduation.
    You can also ask questions and consult about your studies online through e-mail etc.

  • Is this university a legitimate?

    Our correspondence education is a regular four-year university approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan(MEXT).
    Upon graduation, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree and possible to progress to graduate school.
    There is no difference in the level of education or qualifications from the on campus learning, except for the difference in study format.

  • Can I get a student discount??

    It depends. Student discount may applied to museums, movie theaters, mobile phones, etc. by presenting student ID.
    Please check by yourself each time.

  • Is it possible to appoint an illustrator to make corrections?

    It is not possible to appoint a corrector.
    The instructor in charge will provide detailed correction guidance according to the content of each subject.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
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